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Keeping market volatility in perspective

It is helpful to put last week's market volatility against the backdrop of the following key factors: The recent softer US data is consistent with the view that economic data overseas will oscillate between good and bad for a while yet, but that the net effect is the continuation of a grinding recovery over the next [...]

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Key messages for investors

If there is one thing that history shows us, it’s that market volatility will always come and go. With that in mind, here are some key points we think are important for you to know right now: Whenever there are large market-driven movements as there are currently, it is likely there will be continued volatility [...]

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Portfolio construction

At 5 Financial we continue to emphasise the importance of investing in fundamentally sound companies to deliver adequate real returns for investors. Right now would be considered an opportune time to buy quality stocks at current levels, not for a short-term profit but to lower the cost base of your long term portfolios. As you [...]

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