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Woman_000017345686XSmallAt 5 Financial we continue to emphasise the importance of investing in fundamentally sound companies to deliver adequate real returns for investors. Right now would be considered an opportune time to buy quality stocks at current levels, not for a short-term profit but to lower the cost base of your long term portfolios.

As you would be aware, a key focus of the portfolios our clients are invested in is to invest in companies that have the strength to perform well and deliver higher long-term returns. We place significant importance on growing the dividend or income streams from the portfolios we recommend. This was also the case during the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/08.

In the chart below we compare investing $300,000 in 2001 in term deposits with investing the same sum in a portfolio of three shares (BHP, CBA & Woolworths) at the same date and holding for ten years. We chose these three stocks because these are three core stocks that almost all our clients have in their portfolios.

The chart compares the stock price and dividends received over time against the value and interest received from term deposits held over the same period.

It is important to note that during the 10 year period, the market has experienced significant volatility with share prices moving up and down significantly over short periods of time. This situation recurs with monotonous regularity and is unlikely to ever change. Naturally, the value of the term deposit remains constant over the period but the income stream from the shares eventually greatly exceeds the interest received from the term deposit. Initially, the dividends and interest received are very similar in the first few years but then over time the dividends received far exceed the amount of interest received.

The data shows how little volatility there is in dividend cash flows (as distinct from the share price) whilst showing steady growth in dividends received over the years. This income stream goes a long way to supporting many people’s long term aim of creating a solid and growing passive income stream into the future.

The important lesson for investors to note is that the steadily growing strength of dividend income streams from quality companies over long periods continues despite the various ups and downs in stock market prices.

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