Why Listed Property Trusts are an important part of your portfolio

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iStock_000017212160XSmallThe recent reporting season results showed why this sector (Listed Property Trusts) is an important component of your portfolio. We access this sector by investing in a managed fund called the APN AREIT fund. This fund usually represents about 10% of portfolios.

The recent seasons’ highlights of the sector include:

  • The AREIT Index recently outperformed the broader equities market
  • The Industrial sector was up 7.8% over the month due to the strong performance of Goodman Group (GMG)
  • The Retail sector was up 4.8% with Westfield Group (WDC) (up 6.3%) and Westfield Retail Trust (WRT) (up 2.7%) the two significant drivers over the month.

The goals of this fund are to provide our clients with a high level of income, provide income which has a tax effective component, and ensure that capital growth matches increases in CPI over a 5-7 year time horizon whilst enjoying a lower level of market volatility.

This fund is suited to our clients who seek an impressive level of income and who desire that income to include a degree of tax effectiveness.
Over the past year this fund has currently produced an impressive annualised yield of 9.57% after all fees and expenses.
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