Listed Property TrustsThe APN AREIT Fund is a property securities fund predominantly investing in Australian listed property securities. It is an investment we often recommend for our client’s portfolios.

Since inception the Fund has delivered a total return on average of 14.71% pa. The fund is now currently producing a yield of 8.9%pa.

APN’s investment philosophy is focused on generating consistent income returns by actively investing in high yielding, commercial property securities purchased at the right price. The APN AREIT Fund was designed with this specific mandate in mind. Established in 2009, the Fund aims to provide investors with attractive income levels and some capital growth over the long term by investing in an actively managed portfolio of listed commercial real estate.

The Fund provides access to a wide spread of property-based revenue streams that are continually reviewed and if appropriate, re-weighted with the aim of delivering a relatively high income stream over the long term.

APN says, “The Fund is suited to investors seeking relatively high monthly income and some long term capital growth.”

We see the major benefits of investing in this fund to be:

• It gives you access to a diversified portfolio of quality listed property securities which offer relatively higher yields.

• APN offers you a disciplined investment strategy designed to reduce both market and specific risk.

• It pays monthly distributions

• It has no entry or exit fees

• It generates a tax effective income stream for you

This is for information purposes only and does not constitute specific advice.

Contact us to speak with one of our financial advisors to discuss your particular circumstances prior to taking any action.


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