Sue Dog Sledding - wealth managementSue Deaves is a client of 5 Financial’s Wealth Management division. She has endured a tough journey over the last decade, beginning with being diagnosed with advanced colon cancer on her 50th birthday. Three years later, unfortunately the cancer had spread and her arm had to be amputated. Now 60, we’re pleased to say Sue’s doing well and is in very good shape. Determined to live life to the full, in May 2014, she set off on a three week dream trip to Canada and Alaska – a holiday full of adventures. Sue’s upbeat personality and drive is a real inspiration to all of us, and she kindly agreed to share some details of her experience with us:

When did you become a wealth management client of 5 Financial?
I first heard of 5 Financial through a ‘Money Month Seminar’ hosted by the City of Canada Bay Council in 2010.

What help were you looking for?
I was working as a legal secretary with a large law firm at the time and I was looking for help in preparing for retirement. Jason helped me with a Transition to Retirement plan. He helped me establish my own super fund, into which I transferred the funds previously held in my employer super fund. He also helped me set up a salary sacrifice program so I could maximise the amount I contributed to super while minimising the tax I paid. And because I’d reached the age threshold, I could draw funds without paying tax from my super fund.

Sue sailing Alaska - wealth managementWhat’s been the result of those changes?
Having my own super fund has given me more control over how it’s invested. When I was with my employer fund, the fund manager made those decisions, whereas with Jason’s help, we are able to choose which shares my super is invested in. Jason has helped pick shares that give a good return and attract dividends that are reinvested in my super fund.

What’s been the best part of your experience as a 5 Financial wealth management client?
I would say the best thing is that I feel more confident about my super fund and how it’s going. Jason has helped me in any way I’ve wanted. For example, if I say I’d like to buy a new car, Jason will say if it’s a good idea or not. I also set as a goal that I wanted to be able to take a $10K trip every year and that’s what we’ve worked towards achieving. It was fantastic to feel confident taking the trip to Alaska and Canada and doing everything I wanted to. I was able to do a top end trip which involved coach, rail and sea travel for three weeks. I got to see whales and sea lions and enjoy an outdoor spa in the snow. It was an amazing holiday and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Some thoughts from Sue’s Wealth Management Adviser, Jason Petersen

Sue Relaxing OnboardIn my meetings with clients, I place a lot of emphasis on what’s important to them and what they want to achieve. Sue’s determination to live life to the full and without regret inspired the financial framework I developed for her.

Like my work with Sue, I see my role as giving clients the confidence to go and do the things that are important to them. This means putting financial strategies in place that increase the probability of them being able to do this. It also means guiding them away from financial decisions that will impact negatively on their ability to achieve their goals.

Each client is motivated by different things, and I find it very satisfying to be able to help clients like Sue to feel secure in knowing they can comfortably accomplish their goals.

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