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Jason Petersen's Latest NewsWe are in the process of fully implementing a new back office system that we’ve installed here at 5 Financial. The main benefits we are expecting are:

  • Speed Search – so we can attend to any enquiries you make in an instant
  • Reliability – helping us to ensure all of the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s crossed.

Like all new systems, it takes a little time to make the most of its features and ensure any little bugs are cleaned out… but we have one staff member whose sole task for the next three months is to get it up and running. As we have moved all of our data from the old to the new system, we have spent considerable time ensuring all data has come across as required. To that end, we’ll be sending out a comprehensive fact find document with all of your details for you to review and confirm.

With regards to my last email to you titled “I am sick of the lies”. I know some of you were a tad hesitant to click on the link, concerned that it might be spam. Rest assured, it wasn’t. You probably never will receive another email from me like that again. I was doing my Peter Finch impersonation from the movie “Network” when he shouted “I can’t take it anymore!”… or something like that. 🙂 Please allow me to explain: myself and everyone else here at 5 Financial are fed up with the duplicitous major financial institutions who peddle financial products. They dress them up as financial advice, load their fees inside the financial products, and then push them onto unsuspecting customers, in the guise of ‘helping the customer’. Anyway, enough of my rants. The link in the email is to a good article, so please check it out when you have a chance: Real Financial Advice

In the field of Wealth Management here at 5 Financial over the last quarter, we:

  • investigated Model ETF Portfolios. This is a system which allegedly increases returns without increasing risk. However, after investigations, this system comes at a prohibitive cost with no guarantee it will do either.
  • looked at AGL downgrade by some brokers
  • considered possibly unwinding 2012 positions in Macquarie Flexi, taking profits and rolling into protected instalments. I will be in touch with those of you who will be affected.
  • reviewed SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETF. This gives you international property exposure with a dividend yield of 3.5%, and competitive costing at 50bps. The Independent researchers like this.
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