Keeping our focus

5 Financial Contact Times This article is to let you know about our approach to time scheduling at 5 Financial.

So we can give our full attention to the important work we do for you – and to maximise our efficiency – we have established two periods each day where our team members will be out of reach by phone and email.

These periods are between 9.30am to 11.30am, and 1pm to 4pm each work day.

This allows us to stay on task and work interruption-free through these blocks of time. As a result we are able to be much more productive each day, which results in better quality services for you.

This has been our practice for some time, but we are enforcing it more strictly. You may be interested to know that we also apply this internally so that staff do not disturb each other during these times unless pre-arranged.

So why can’t we take your call during these times?

To answer this, it might help to have a summary of what a typical working day in the life of our team members looks like:

The first part of the day is spent checking through any emails that have come overnight and actioning any requests, or responding to any messages. Next we set up our priorities for the day.

From 9.30am to 11.30am – when we don’t take calls – our time is usually spent preparing for or attending a client meeting. This can include reviewing and finalising a fact find, developing a strategy or reviewing an existing strategy, or conducting financial modelling where we consider in depth the various options available to clients and identify what’s best for them. This can involve significant number crunching and technical analysis – therefore it’s best if we work undisturbed at this time.

In the middle of the day we’re available for phone calls. We also use this time to respond to emails and phone messages (and of course refuel with some food).

For our next ‘out of contact time’ from 1pm to 4pm, we may continue to work on client projects requiring intense focus. We may also use this time to meet with clients or third party service providers who can help us improve what we offer you. We also spend time on ongoing training, or analysing alternative strategies that we believe may offer value to our clients. This time is also used for implementing the plans, strategies and tasks on behalf of our clients.

Following this, we spend the remainder of the day available for calls, or responding to any messages or emails we’ve received during the day and commence planning for the next day.

From our experience, we know this approach means we are able to keep focused, which ultimately means better results for our clients.

The lovely Amber (our excellent Office Manager) will continue to take calls throughout the day and pass on your message. We promise to respond as soon as possible, and definitely within one business day.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Warm regards,
The 5 Financial Team

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