In recent months, we’ve expanded the 5 Financial team so we can increase our capability and the services we offer.

I’m delighted to introduce the following team members to you:

Mike Fitzpatrick – Estate Planning Adviser

Mike is Principal of Law Firm Clarendene Pty Ltd – Estate Planning lawyers who work closely with 5 Financial. Mike is available to assist clients of 5 Financial in making sure their assets are protected and distributed as they wish in a tax efficient manner – something that’s often beyond what a standard will can deliver.

(More on our estate planning services here.)

Chris Brieger – Registered Tax Agent & Accountant

Chris has recently merged his accounting practice with 5 Accounting & Tax, and joined our team. Over the past three decades, Chris has assisted more than 2,000 clients with their accounting and taxation needs. Skilled in simplifying complex concepts, Chris is able to help clients to better understand their obligations, as well as any opportunities available to them to reduce tax. As a result, clients enjoy a greater sense of control and certainty over their financial situation, and a stronger financial position.

We’re very pleased to welcome Mike and Chris to 5 Financial!

You can read more about each person on our 5 Financial Team page.

If you have any questions or you’d like to know more about these services, please feel free to contact us.

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