Thinking ‘long term’ is the key

We’ve all been there. You’reLong term investing driving along in slow traffic and you decide to change lanes, darting in and out trying to get ahead. Sometimes it works out, other times you end up being overtaken by the original lane, or you have to sweat trying to manoeuvre your way back into the lane you need to be in to get where you want to go.

The world of investing can feel like that. It can be all too tempting to ditch what you’re invested in favour of something that appears to be the latest fast mover.

At 5 Financial, we generally believe that in the long term, it’s your strategy that matters more than your individual investments.

Long term investing

An article published by Vanguard titled, “Don’t let the investing ‘fast lane’ fool you“, fits perfectly with our philosophy on investing.

We agree with the sentiment that, “…your best bet is to focus more on your destination than your journey and take a long term view of your investments. Stay in the same lane, stick to your investment strategy, and you are likely get there in your own time.”

Read the whole article here.

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