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5 Wealth Management accredited as an FPA Professional Practice

    Sydney, 29 September 2015: 5 Wealth Management Pty Ltd of Rhodes in Sydney has been accredited as an FPA Professional Practice by the Financial Planning Association, in recognition of their high professional and ethical standards. The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is Australia’s peak professional body for financial planners. The FPA Professional Practice program [...]

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Rebalancing your portfolio – and why it’s important

Lately – when the market has been more volatile than usual – the allocation of many people’s investment portfolios has most likely changed. Some investments will have performed better than others, and this will have skewed the relative proportion of assets held. As a result, it’s probable that each investor’s portfolio has moved away from [...]

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An urge to do something – anything

The recent market volatility sometimes makes people question their investment strategy. But there can be risks in moving out of an investment – particularly if it means you miss out on any upswing. As quoted in this article, "Plenty of research shows that if you miss just a few days of the market's biggest gains, your long-term [...]

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Enjoying retirement

5 Financial works with people at all stages of life. We have particular expertise in assisting people who are approaching or entering retirement, helping them to make the most of their financial opportunities so they can enjoy this special time of their lives. Di Reggett has been a client of ours since 2012 when she [...]

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