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Rovena and Rupen’s exam success.

5 Financial prides itself on having lots of very smart people on our team who are very well qualified for their work. On Friday we learned that Rupen Malouf (one of our Accountants) earned a Credit in his CPA Advanced Taxation segment. And earlier in November, Rovena Andruskevica, our Wealth Management Paraplanner, passed CFP2 in [...]

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A blast from the archives!

Long term clients will recall that before '5 Financial', our company was called 'Five Pillars' in recognition of our 'Five Pillars of Financial Independence'. This was a framework we developed to provide a simple and straightforward approach to help clients understand some principles they could adopt to protect and grow their wealth. Here's the history of our company's journey since [...]

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Work because you want to, not because you have to.

In life, it’s always nice to have choices. And as you get older, a big one is being able to choose if and when to retire. Naturally, how financially well prepared you are is a big factor. And with life expectancy longer than ever, you’re likely to be retired considerably longer than previous generations. This [...]

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The cost of cheap (or subsidised) advice.

Did you know that most of the financial planning/wealth management industry is owned by large financial services institutions, such as banks and fund managers? This is just one of the ways 5 Financial is different. We are 100% Australian-owned by people who work in our practice. As a result, we are free to explore a wide [...]

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