An unexpected (and pleasant) retirement surprise for John and Robyn

Around 10 years ago, John and Robyn were looking for a new adviser to assist them in their wealth management.

“We’d found our previous planner to be a bit impersonal and we always seemed to be dealing with different people,” said John. “We wanted to work with a boutique practice as we felt it would offer a more personal touch.”

Robyn and John Gallagher with their financial adviser, Jason Petersen.

Robyn and John with their financial adviser, Jason Petersen.

John and Robyn’s accountant recommended they come to see 5 Financial.

Jason Petersen, their adviser at 5 Financial, established a strategy for them that was customised to their goals and the timeframe they set to achieve them. He also met with John and Robyn on a regular basis to refine their strategy where it was warranted.

“I’ve always felt confident in the collaboration we’ve had with Jason,” said John. “We’ve found that he’s delivered consistently on what he promised over the past decade.”

Robyn appreciates the innovation and ideas that Jason has brought to their financial arrangements. “He’s inspired us to think more broadly than we probably would have on our own,” she said. “It’s made us realise we’re not boxed in and that we have more options than we realised.”

In demonstration of this, as a result of some financial modelling Jason did regarding John and Robyn’s finances, they now find they are in a position to contemplate living in France for much of next year.

“I retired last week after 33 years working for a large company,” said John. “Originally Robyn and I thought we would move to Queensland to retire. But Jason has made us realise that we have the capacity to live overseas for at least 6 months, and to do so comfortably. It’s exciting to have that as an option and we are looking forward to doing some research about how we could spend our time there.”

John and Robyn are very pleased they chose to work with Jason and 5 Financial. “It’s been a good decision and we find we are in a better position for having done so,” said John.

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5Financial team with Robyn and John Gallagher

Members of 5 Financial celebrate client John’s retirement.

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