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Introducing ‘Your Wealth Portal’.

  If you are a wealth management client of 5 Financial, you now have the opportunity to tap into a powerful online resource that helps you keep up to date with your financial position. This new offering complements our existing wealth management services by giving you an instant snapshot of the key areas of your financial life. 'Your Wealth Portal' [...]

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Instalment warrants over ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a type of managed fund that’s listed on an exchange. They feature both growth assets such as shares and defensive assets such as bonds. Instalment warrants are a loan structure with an additional level of investor protection. They allow an investor to increase their exposure to the growth assets. “We’ve [...]

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Financial advice: where to start?

Are you interested in getting some financial advice but aren't sure where to start? The Government has created a guide to help you. It's called 'Financial advice and you' and it's published by ASIC as part of its MoneySmart services. (And we're pleased to say our approach sits well under the 'green tick' column on page [...]

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