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Sleep well at night with the right insurance in place.

Unfortunately life sometimes throws us a curve ball when we least expect it. And if it’s an injury or illness that affects you or a loved one, the fallout is especially hard to deal with. So while each of us would prefer to avoid the difficulty in the first place, having a financial buffer can [...]

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10 tips for managing debt.

Have you ever added up all your debts or looked at your credit card statement and felt a bit panicked? It's a common problem but here are some quick and easy tips for managing debt more effectively: Consolidate:  Pool all your debts into one. The benefit here is that you may reduce your overall interest cost. This would [...]

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Relying on an inheritance for your future?

Did you know that one in five Australians pins their hopes for a comfortable retirement on receiving an inheritance? To our way of thinking, it’s an approach that’s both troubling and risky. First of all, it abdicates responsibility as an adult to be responsible for your own financial wellbeing. It also supposes there’s an entitlement [...]

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Case study – Matt & Kathy – clients since 2007.

Background: Matt and Kathy were in their mid 30s when they first decided to seek advice from a financial planner. At the time they were contemplating selling their home and were wondering if this was a good decision. They were also looking for advice about whether or not they should buy an investment property. In [...]

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How we come up with the investment recommendations we make to you.

At 5 Financial, we are owned by people who work in our practice - not a bank or financial institution.  Our Investment Committee looks carefully at a wide range of investment options drawn from across the market. This committee is made up of our senior wealth management advisers and it meets monthly. It researches emerging offerings [...]

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Is it product or advice?

Imagine for a moment you’re in the market for a new car. You head into Brand X dealership and the salesperson shows you their range. Perhaps fuel economy is something that really matters to you. And maybe for the type of car you’re looking at, a different brand – let’s call it Brand Y – [...]

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