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Biggest Morning Tea a great success!

Today we hosted our 'Big Morning Tea' in support of the Cancer Council. Around 50 people came along and a highlight was hearing a client of ours, Chris Shoji, share her story of surviving cancer, told through her amazing art.   Thank you to Liz Tian of Citi for the donation towards catering, and to [...]

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Gain a pre-30th June tax advantage.

With the end of the financial year almost here, now’s the time to be thinking about ways you can organise your finances to gain all possible advantages. Start with the usual suspects – like tracking down all expenses that you can legitimately claim as a tax deduction. Think about all your work-related motor vehicle, self-education [...]

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What our clients say about us.

In October 2015, we conducted an anonymous, optional client survey, and to date we have received 36 responses. Our reason for running the survey was to gauge how satisfied our clients are with our services, and also to identify any areas where we could improve. We are delighted to report that the responses were overwhelmingly [...]

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About the 2016 Federal Budget.

The theme of this year’s pre-election Budget is “jobs and growth” with the Government seeking to transition the economy from the resource boom to a more diversified economy. Social security and aged care remained largely unchanged in this Budget, both having undergone major reforms in recent years. For clients of 5 Financial, the reforms regarding [...]

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The pitfalls of being average.

Did you know you need at least $800,000 in your retirement savings (in today’s dollars) to retire comfortably? Unfortunately – for the majority of Australia’s 4.7 million pre-retirees – achieving this goal is looking highly doubtful. New research by CoreData* shows that 53.1% don’t believe they will have sufficient retirement assets to match their desired lifestyle [...]

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