Helping you get the finance you need.

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As a broker, we can shop around for the right loan for you from Australia’s leading lenders.

Because 5 Financial has our own Australian Financial Services and Credit Licence Number (314889), we act as a finance broker. We act in your interests, not the bank’s or lending institution’s – an important distinction.

It also means we can select and recommend loans and finance from a range of Australia’s leading lenders and do the ‘shopping around’ on your behalf.

There’s more to finance than just rates

Naturally the interest rate that applies to your loan or mortgages is vitally important.

But there’s more to consider than that in finding the loan that will serve your short and long term needs best.

There’s the question of whether it’s better to go for fixed or variable rates. Or whether you should set your loan up as a ‘principal and interest’, or ‘interest only’ loan. Or whether an offset account is available (that may reduce what you pay significantly over the longer term). There is also the question of whether penalties apply in the event that you find yourself in a position of being able to pay your loan out early, as well as range of other ‘product wording’ that could materially affect you.

With a range of different loan products available (such as home loans and mortgages, commercial loans, SMSF loans, construction loans and more), matching the right loan to your purpose is crucial to get right.

We will review what you’re looking for and make a recommendation that’s in sync. We’ll address the types of questions raised here, assist you with any paperwork, and follow up with the lender on your behalf to help get your finance in place as quickly as possible.

Get a loan or review an existing one

5 Financial’s lending services can help you in applying for a new loan or mortgage, or review your existing finance to identify if there’s something better on offer.

In fact, we recommend you have your finance expertly evaluated in this way at least annually.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you reach your goals – assisted by the right finance – let’s chat.

Contact us to book a free, no obligation consultation with us today.

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