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Life without a crystal ball.

Markets go up. Markets go down. And so it continues. If only we could predict with absolute precision and certainty, when market upturns and downturns would take place. But of course that’s impossible. Without a crystal ball at your disposal, trying to ‘time the market’ to capitalise on the best days and avoid the worst [...]

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What’s new in Super?

The Government has announced some proposed changes to the superannuation rules it had foreshadowed during the run up to the last Federal election. Here's a rundown: Are you clear on what non concessional contributions you can contribute in a year? With the Government abandoning its policy to introduce a $500,000 lifetime cap for non-concessional contributions [...]

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Your insurance might cover you for something unexpected.

David* is a client of mine who phoned me earlier this year to ask a question about his investments. In the course of the conversation, he mentioned he’d recently fractured his leg while playing footy with his mates. “You know you can claim for that under your income protection insurance,” I said. David seemed surprised. [...]

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Adviser of the Year Award announcement by AFA & Zurich.

Yesterday, the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and Zurich issued the following media release. (We are especially proud of our Jason Petersen, named as a 2016 Grand Finalist for the Adviser of the Year Award.) MEDIA RELEASE  AFA and Zurich announces Adviser of the Year and Practice of the Year Grand Finalists.   SYDNEY: 13th September 2016 [...]

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Jason progresses as a Finalist in Adviser of the Year awards.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Jason Petersen - our Head of Wealth Management - has progressed to the final stage of the judging process for the 2016 Adviser of the Year Award! Today we have learned that Jason is now a Finalist – one of just three contenders – in the prestigious awards [...]

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Another appearance in ‘Ask the Experts’

For the third time since April, our Head of Wealth Management - Jason Petersen - has featured in Money Magazine. In the August 2016 edition, Jason was asked to contribute to the magazine's 'Ask the Experts' section. Jason was asked to answer questions posed by Shannon and Glen Handley, a couple in their thirties with two young children. [...]

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Winners in the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) industry.

For an increasing number of our clients, a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) offers substantial advantages in helping them plan for their retirement. And as anyone who has had experience of an SMSF knows, there are many elements that need to be addressed in establishing and running a fund. These include administration, audit, documentation, investments, [...]

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Macquarie Life’s proposed transfer of policies to Zurich.

Back in May, Macquarie Life announced that it had made the strategic decision to transfer part of its life insurance business to Zurich Australia. This proposal affects Macquarie Life's FutureWise, Active and Sumo policies, and many of our clients currently hold these type of policies. Currently, Macquarie Investment Management Limited (MIML) - the trustee of [...]

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