Another appearance in ‘Ask the Experts’

For the third time since April, our Head of Wealth Management – Jason Petersen – has featured in Money Magazine.

In the August 2016 edition, Jason was asked to contribute to the magazine’s ‘Ask the Experts’ section.

Jason was asked to answer questions posed by Shannon and Glen Handley, a couple in their thirties with two young children.

Shannon and Glen were interested in finding out:

  • the best way to make a big dent in their mortgage
  • how to budget effectively
  • how to set their children up for the future

They were also considering buying an investment property.

Jason commented on how Shannon and Glen could optimise their home loan payments. He also touched on the importance of diversification in wealth creation, and made suggestions about how Shannon and Glen could improve how well their investments are spread, including looking at options to generate a growing income stream to assist their cash-flow. Risk management is another important factor he recommended Shannon and Glen consider.

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