So you’ve got your financial plan. What happens next?

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Financial planAs a client of 5 Financial, your adviser has now presented you with your customised financial plan that addresses the key areas of concern you raised in your initial briefing.

It also captures a ‘financial snapshot’ of where you stand right now, and the steps we recommend you take to enable you to achieve each of your goals.

But it’s what comes next that really matters.

Because a plan without action is just talk. And we know that by asking us to develop a financial plan for you, you’re interested in much more than that.

Real and long-lasting improvements in your financial well-being come when you:

  • Implement your plan comprehensively, and in the right sequence and time-frame
  • Review your plan’s performance, as well as your goals and circumstances, on an ongoing basis – and make well-considered adjustments where warranted
  • Seek expert advice when making key financial decisions to ensure your actions align well with your overall plan
  • Complete essential checks and tasks throughout the year that continue to optimise your financial position, and
  • Stay the course without being swayed by market ‘noise’ that could undermine your plan’s effectiveness.

And the best way to achieve all of this is by becoming an ongoing client of 5 Financial.

Having been in business for almost three decades, we know that our clients who take this path greatly appreciate the many practical and financial benefits it brings.

Once your financial plan has been presented to you – and your adviser has explained each of its elements – we’ll invite you to become an ongoing client, and start to claim all the advantages we anticipate you can reap by partnering with us on your financial journey.

Next steps

Once you’ve asked us to proceed, we begin by assisting you in implementing the recommendations that have been made for you in your financial plan. As you’d imagine, this is an area we are very experienced in so we know how to get this done efficiently and in the correct sequence.

When everything’s complete, we invite you in for a Post-Implementation Meeting so we can run through what’s been done for you, and answer any questions you may have.

Beyond this, you have access to us on an ongoing basis and you can check in with your adviser as often as you like. This means you can ask any questions you have, or more importantly, run any key decisions by your adviser. This alone has helped many of our clients save thousands of dollars by identifying if and how an action they’re considering will impact on their financial plan, and also how to make a transaction in a tax-effective manner (for example).

As an ongoing client you gain access to a wide range of services designed to help you maximise your financial outcomes:

  • We’ll help you to keep on top of market and legislative changes that affect you so you can advantage from opportunities.
  • You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your asset allocation remains in line with your strategy through periodic rebalancing we arrange on your behalf.
  • You can simplify and strengthen your financial arrangements through our integrated and holistic approach of co-ordinating wealth management, tax, finance, SMSF and estate planning services.
  • You’ll also meet with your adviser at least annually for a Review Meeting. This gives you the chance to check in on your progress and update your goals, and adjust your plan (where needed).

This is just a brief overview of the many ways you stand to benefit as an ongoing client of 5 Financial.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can phone me on 02 9739 6555 or drop me a note.


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