New payment option with Macquarie

macquarieThis post will be of interest to our clients with Macquarie Cash Management Accounts (CMA).

In the past, if you needed to authorise a payment (say to yourself, or the ATO or ASIC for example) that you wanted us to arrange on your behalf, you needed to print out and sign a form, scan it, and email it back. A time consuming process I’m sure you’ll agree, and very difficult to organise if you were travelling or not within easy access of a computer and scanner.

To help overcome this, Macquarie has recently introduced a more streamlined way for you to authorise payments from your Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA). Paperless and faster than before, payment requests submitted before 5pm on any business day can be processed the same day.

With a two-step verification process, payments are completely secure. Where we initiate a payment on your behalf – as mentioned above, for example payments to you, or to ASIC or the ATO – Macquarie will send a secure code via SMS to your nominated mobile number. You then simply phone us with the code so we can complete the transaction on your behalf. Once the transaction is completed, Macquarie will send you a confirmation notice via email and SMS.

This new process eliminates the need for you to print, sign, scan and email withdrawal forms. We hope you will find this a real timesaver.

If you have any questions about this new option, please don’t hesitate to phone us on 02 9739 6555. You can also find out more information on Macquarie’s website.


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