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Our Head of Wealth Management, Jason Petersen, features in May 2017’s Money Magazine’s ‘Ask the Experts’ article.

This time Jason writes his recommendations for Michele Mossop who’s weighing up the pros and cons of selling her Sydney apartment to unlock some capital, or staying put and taking out a reverse mortgage.

Jason touches on issues including:

  • Stamp duty & transfer costs
  • The impact on age pension entitlements
  • Super fund differences (and the impact of fees, transaction costs and taxes)
  • The transition-to-retirement opportunity
  • Reverse mortgage options and implications
  • And most critically – the importance of Michele considering which pathway is most likely to be in sync with the lifestyle she’s looking for.

Like Michele, it’s wise to get expert financial planning advice if you’re contemplating a significant financial decision and you’d like to feel clear about your options and expected outcomes.

To do so, book a free appointment with us. We look at your current situation and goals, and model various scenarios to identify which is likely to serve you best. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation initial meeting today!

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