Most Trusted Advisers Network

From its website, “The Most Trusted Adviser Network lists some of the best financial advisers in Australia, as rated by their clients.” We are delighted that Jason Petersen, our Head of Wealth Management, has been selected in this elite group.

Here’s some info from the website:

“The Most Trusted Adviser Network website is a completely independent initiative undertaken by the Beddoes Institute as a way of connecting consumers seeking high-quality financial advice with advisers who are at the top of their game within the financial industry.

The Most Trusted Advisers Network is focused on helping consumers that have been highly ranked by their clients as being able to go above and beyond when providing client services.

The advisers profiled are all licensed and are members of a professional financial association. They have been carefully selected based on the results of a client experience survey set-up by the Beddoes Institute and completed by their clients.”

Read Jason’s profile on the Most Trusted Adviser Network website. Read the results of the client survey completed on our firm by Beddoes in August/September 2016.

Jason says, “By working with clients on an ongoing basis, my focus is to help them feel clear about their finances so they can confidently reach their goals through customised, holistic and integrated financial advice. This incorporates wealth creation, retirement planning, debt management, personal insurances, self managed superannuation, direct equities and finance.”

Apart from being an exceptional financial adviser, Jason is also a terrific mentor to all the members of our wealth management team. This means his expertise is shared broadly throughout our advisory firm.

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