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Jason Petersen, our Head of Wealth Management, was recently asked to write for the ‘Ask the Experts’ section in Money Magazine®.

(This is Jason’s seventh appearance in Money Magazine in the past 19 months.)

Featured in the November 2017 edition, the article consists of a case study about a young couple weighing up what they should do investment-wise to get ahead.

Heidi Benjaminson hails from the US, and her fiance, Martin Kaareng is from Norway. While they’ve loved living and working in Australia for the past five and a half years, they’re not certain where they’ll settle down. They’re interested in the idea of property, but they are also drawn to an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) portfolio as it would be easier to manage if they end up moving overseas.

In Heidi & Martin’s case, Jason writes in favour of self-funding instalment (SFI) warrants over ETFs. He believes this is advantageous because Heidi and Martin can get their money working for them sooner, and they can add to it as their savings grow.

“Overall, SFIs over ETFs offer Heidi and Martin greater flexibility, diversification, transparency, liquidity and cost advantages compared with being locked into a property investment,” writes Jason.”This contrasts with a property investment, which traditionally has high entry and exit costs, and can’t be easily exited.”

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