Another appearance in ‘Ask the Experts’

For the third time since April, our Head of Wealth Management - Jason Petersen - has featured in Money Magazine. In the August 2016 edition, Jason was asked to contribute to the magazine's 'Ask the Experts' section. Jason was asked to answer questions posed by Shannon and Glen Handley, a couple in their thirties with two young children. [...]

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Lifting the ‘financial fog’

In my role as a financial adviser, I often meet with people who are doing quite well in terms of income, but who feel a little uneasy about whether or not they are really getting ahead financially. And to be honest, I get it completely. With many claims on your time and attention – and [...]

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10 tips for managing debt.

Have you ever added up all your debts or looked at your credit card statement and felt a bit panicked? It's a common problem but here are some quick and easy tips for managing debt more effectively: Consolidate:  Pool all your debts into one. The benefit here is that you may reduce your overall interest cost. This would [...]

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Introducing ‘Your Wealth Portal’.

  If you are a wealth management client of 5 Financial, you now have the opportunity to tap into a powerful online resource that helps you keep up to date with your financial position. This new offering complements our existing wealth management services by giving you an instant snapshot of the key areas of your financial life. 'Your Wealth Portal' [...]

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How to avoid a festive hangover (financially speaking).

There’s no doubt that the holiday season can provide the perfect excuse for excess. And while we’re all for “Let’s eat, drink and be merry”, it’s fair to say that too much of a good time now has led to many a sorry head later. Well the same goes for spending at this time of [...]

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