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Jason in Money Mag’s ‘Ask the Expert’

Our Head of Wealth Management, Jason Petersen, features in May 2017's Money Magazine's 'Ask the Experts' article. This time Jason writes his recommendations for Michele Mossop who's weighing up the pros and cons of selling her Sydney apartment to unlock some capital, or staying put and taking out a reverse mortgage. Jason touches on issues [...]

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Another appearance in ‘Ask the Experts’

For the third time since April, our Head of Wealth Management - Jason Petersen - has featured in Money Magazine. In the August 2016 edition, Jason was asked to contribute to the magazine's 'Ask the Experts' section. Jason was asked to answer questions posed by Shannon and Glen Handley, a couple in their thirties with two young children. [...]

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Case study – Matt & Kathy – clients since 2007.

Background: Matt and Kathy were in their mid 30s when they first decided to seek advice from a financial planner. At the time they were contemplating selling their home and were wondering if this was a good decision. They were also looking for advice about whether or not they should buy an investment property. In [...]

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