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Using technology to make life simpler for our clients

Many of our clients are making great use of 'Your Wealth Portal', powered by the myprosperity platform. This online tool makes it easy to keep on top of your finances by providing up-to-date data on your credit cards, bank accounts, home loans, investments, property, super and more. We've been very impressed with the platform to date, and [...]

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What our clients say about us.

In October 2015, we conducted an anonymous, optional client survey, and to date we have received 36 responses. Our reason for running the survey was to gauge how satisfied our clients are with our services, and also to identify any areas where we could improve. We are delighted to report that the responses were overwhelmingly [...]

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“I didn’t know a service like yours existed.”

So said a prospective client to one of our advisers recently. It’s funny but we hear this a lot. And it’s probably not all that surprising. Many people have a preconceived idea of what dealing with a financial adviser involves – and in our experience – this typically falls a long way short of what [...]

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Jason & James featured in Money Magazine.

It's fantastic to see our financial advisers, Jason Petersen and James Sheehan, featured in the 'Ask the Experts' section of Money Magazine on the subject of 'Best place for spare cash'! You can find Jason and James' articles in the April 2016 edition on sale now. Congrats guys on this acknowledgment of your skills! Head to [...]

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10 tips for managing debt.

Have you ever added up all your debts or looked at your credit card statement and felt a bit panicked? It's a common problem but here are some quick and easy tips for managing debt more effectively: Consolidate:  Pool all your debts into one. The benefit here is that you may reduce your overall interest cost. This would [...]

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Relying on an inheritance for your future?

Did you know that one in five Australians pins their hopes for a comfortable retirement on receiving an inheritance? To our way of thinking, it’s an approach that’s both troubling and risky. First of all, it abdicates responsibility as an adult to be responsible for your own financial wellbeing. It also supposes there’s an entitlement [...]

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Case study – Matt & Kathy – clients since 2007.

Background: Matt and Kathy were in their mid 30s when they first decided to seek advice from a financial planner. At the time they were contemplating selling their home and were wondering if this was a good decision. They were also looking for advice about whether or not they should buy an investment property. In [...]

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Introducing ‘Your Wealth Portal’.

  If you are a wealth management client of 5 Financial, you now have the opportunity to tap into a powerful online resource that helps you keep up to date with your financial position. This new offering complements our existing wealth management services by giving you an instant snapshot of the key areas of your financial life. 'Your Wealth Portal' [...]

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Discipline and patience are rewarded in the long run.

With concerns about China’s economic slowdown and the drop in global oil prices, 2016 has had a bumpy start in the financial markets. Tim Buckley, chief investment officer at Vanguard, says the volatility has been expected for some time. “We just came off a long stretch of remarkably tame markets, so the sudden surge in [...]

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How we deliver value to you.

Here's a good article that captures just some of the ways you'll benefit by working with us. In short, we help you by: Creating a clear and motivating plan of action that's personalised to you and your circumstances Educating you about options that are available to you (that you may not have realised were possible) Assisting you in [...]

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