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Your insurance might cover you for something unexpected.

David* is a client of mine who phoned me earlier this year to ask a question about his investments. In the course of the conversation, he mentioned he’d recently fractured his leg while playing footy with his mates. “You know you can claim for that under your income protection insurance,” I said. David seemed surprised. [...]

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Income Protection to protect the machine

Why an Income Protection policy? You’ve heard me say it before, but I’ll say it again, “If you owned a printing press that did nothing but print hundred dollar notes all day, you’d insure it wouldn’t you?” Of course! Consider how long you would be able to cover your day to day expenses if your [...]

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A financial buffer when you need it most…

Jillian* was 41, fit and strong when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Naturally it was a devastating blow. Surgery and a lengthy course of chemotherapy would be required to help her get well again. As a senior manager with an IT company, Jillian would require time off work for the surgery as well as [...]

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