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5 Wealth Management accredited as an FPA Professional Practice

    Sydney, 29 September 2015: 5 Wealth Management Pty Ltd of Rhodes in Sydney has been accredited as an FPA Professional Practice by the Financial Planning Association, in recognition of their high professional and ethical standards. The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is Australia’s peak professional body for financial planners. The FPA Professional Practice program [...]

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One of the key drivers in our practice is to consider investments that pay you a good level of income which is predictable. One of the ways we do this – apart from investing in a portfolio of dividend paying stocks – is to consider the merits of investing in the real estate sector via Australian Real [...]

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

At 5 Financial we stay ahead by always looking for newer and better ways of doing things. A good example is some years ago we identified that Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) could provide us with a method to invest our clients’ money in a more cost effective way than other alternatives available at the time. [...]

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Super savings of low income earners

From 1 July 2012, the super savings of low income earners will be given a boost, with people earning $37,000 or less per year eligible for up to $500 annually. Deputy Commissioner for Superannuation, Neil Olesen said, “The best part about this contribution is people don’t need to do anything to get it. The ATO [...]

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To fix or not

Over an interest rates cycle, variable rates tend to be cheaper. The downside is that they can vary considerably over the years. Fixed interest rates give you certainty. You know what your repayments will be. However, there is generally an extra cost for this type of ‘insurance’. It is not uncommon for the RBA to [...]

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Boutique financial advisory

In recent media articles concern was raised about the shrinking number of independent advisory firms operating in Australia and the impact this will have on the type of advice provided to Australians. Concerns were raised in a recent Money Management article that some 90% of advisory firms are now owned by financial institutions and that [...]

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Australia’s retirement landscape

Australia has arguably the most sustainable retirement framework in the world but it differs from most others in a few key ways. These distinguishing features give it its unique Australian flavour. 1. Unlike the rest of the world, we have compulsory employer contributions currently set at 9% of an employee’s wage, soon to increase to [...]

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Plan ahead for aged care

For many older Australians, the move from the family home to an aged care facility often occurs as a result of a crisis. There is little time to plan the best option and significant emotional turmoil and financial stress can accompany the event – for the individual as well as family members. Sandra Bettington* is [...]

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