Schedule of fees – Accounting & Tax

The schedule below gives indicative prices based on the average time and cost required to complete a tax return. The price may vary within a range depending on the work required, and all prices quoted are GST inclusive:

Tax Returns (Excluding GST)
Basic tax returns $200.00 Min per return
Investment Property/ Share / Managed funds $300.00 per return*
*Additional $100 per additional investment
Small Business Min $250.00
Trust Tax returns $300.00
Company Tax Returns $300.00
Capital Gain Calculations Min $250.00
Amended Income Tax Returns Min $110.00
Business, Partnerships, Trusts & Companies (Excluding GST)
Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns Start from $1,000
Business Advice Hourly Rate
ABN / GST / TFN Registrations and Cancellations $110.00
Fringe Benefits Tax Return Min $440.00
Business Name Application $220.00
Business Activity Statement Min $200.00
Return not necessary $50
Set Up & Deregistration Costs (Excluding GST)
Company Setup Costs $1,200.00
Discretionary Trust Setup $800.00
Trust with Corporate Trustee $2,000.00
Unit Trust Setup $800.00
De-registration of Company (includes ASIC Fee) $330.00
Directors or Shareholders Changes Re: ASIC Min $180.00
Change of Company Name (includes ASIC Fee) $550.00
ASIC Agent appointment $100.00
Miscellaneous (Excluding GST)
Annual ASIC Compliance costs $165.00
Annual Trust Distribution Minutes $220.00

The figures above are the minimum fees. The price will vary depending on hours worked and bookkeeping requirements for each job. But before a job begins a quote will be given when all the requirements of the job have been assessed.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact us.