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Feel clear & confident financially…

Based in Sydney, the 5 Financial group offers a complete and co-ordinated range of financial advisory services. With our help you can materially strengthen your financial arrangements to gain the freedom and ability to live comfortably and achieve your life’s goals.

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“Our financial plan is a powerful tool. It helps us visualise how everything fits together and where it will lead us. We’ve also valued the tax benefits it’s created – opportunities we’d have not known about on our own.”

BK & AM, Newcastle, NSW


When your finances are well-organised, you’re free to focus on what matters most.

Having robust finances helps you live comfortably, pursue your dreams, and be better-prepared for any ‘curve balls’ life may throw your way.

We help you significantly improve your position by:

  • Evaluating how effective your current arrangements are, and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Helping you get crystal clear about goals that motivate you, and creating a customised plan to help you reach them.
  • Implementing key elements of your plan on your behalf.
  • Offering ongoing support and advice to help you navigate any changes that arise.
  • Giving you access to integrated financial advisory services (including wealth management, tax and accounting, finance and estate planning) to maximise the effectiveness of each component.
  • Reviewing your goals and plan at least annually, and making any adjustments needed to ensure they continue to reflect your life and aspirations.

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Do you ever wonder?

1. Could I be doing more with what I have?

2. Are there opportunities available to me that I’m missing out on?

3. Am I on track to comfortably meet my goals?

If yes, you’re not alone! These are common questions we help with. Speak with one of our experienced financial advisers who will be able to provide guidance. Your initial meeting is without cost or obligation.

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Set compelling goals

Fix your sights on all that you want to achieve in your life.

Follow your customised plan

With our help, put your strategy into action and bring your goals into being.

Thrive financially

Benefit from ongoing guidance that strengthens your position and helps you set and reach new goals.

Can you afford to delay the benefits you stand to gain?

As the saying goes, if nothing changes… well, nothing changes.

And how does that sit with you, if you cast your mind forward 2 years… 5 years… 10 years from now?

Are you happy with that picture – or would you wish that you’d taken action today to put yourself on a stronger financial footing?

Start sooner with us and create real clarity and focus around your finances – and advantage from the compound effect of the changes you make.

Get started today!

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Why choose us

Through the 5 Financial group, you can access a broad range of financial advisory services including wealth management, accounting & tax, finance, and estate planning services.

Unlike the majority of financial planning practices, our firm is 100% owned by people who work in the business – not a bank or institution.

In recognition of our high ethical and professional standards, 5 Financial’s wealth management arm, 5 Wealth Management, is an accredited FPA Professional Practice. It is led by our Head of Wealth Management – Jason Petersen – a 2016 Grand Finalist in the prestigious ‘Adviser of the Year‘ Award and a member of the Most Trusted Advisers Network.

The 5 Financial group includes 5 Wealth Management Pty Ltd and 5 Accounting & Tax Pty Ltd.

5 Wealth Management Pty Ltd has its own Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence, Number 314889.

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