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About Us

The 5 Financial Group offers a range of complete and integrated financial advisory services.

Our focus is to help you clarify, organise and master your financial circumstances with greater precision and certainty so you can comfortably reach your goals.

5 Financial has been providing a broad range of expert financial services since 1988. And we frequently receive feedback that shows us that what we offer is truly special in the marketplace.

We are 100% owned by people who work in our business (not a bank or financial institution). This means we’re not limited in the range of financial products or options we recommend – all advice is driven entirely by what will serve your best interests.

Our recommendations are determined by your individual circumstances and goals. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that you may find elsewhere. And because we offer a range of services (including wealth management, tax, finance, self managed super funds, estate planning and more), we can co-ordinate each aspect, giving you a more effective outcome, with less running around.

Expert capability

The people who work for 5 Financial are highly skilled and experienced in their area of specialty. Our advisers hold industry-leading qualifications and have many years of expertise in crafting personalised strategies for clients. Each devotes significant time to professional development, as well as researching market trends and emerging opportunities.

We believe our knowledge of effective strategies you can use to grow and protect your wealth is second to none. Our experience shows that it is the structure in which your wealth is organised that can make all the difference to your ability to achieve your lifetime financial goals.

The advantages of not being owned by a bank or financial institution

The majority of financial services practices have ownership ties to a financial institution. It would not be surprising therefore, for the products on their ‘recommended list’ to include those that will generate revenue for the institution.

At 5 Financial, our advisers are members of our investment team and their remuneration is not linked in any way to the products they recommend. The products that make it onto 5 Financial’s recommended products list are chosen based on merit – along with their ability to match the requirements of our clients.

Other advantages that arise from not being owned by a financial institution include:

  • We experience a low turnover of staff, meaning you are likely to receive longer term continuity of care by the same staff.
  • Your enquiries are not answered by a call centre, but by your financial adviser or your dedicated client service advisor.
  • We do not have layers of management hierarchy and we are therefore highly responsive to your requests or feedback.

As a client of 5 Financial, our objective is to help you to clarify, organise and master your financial circumstances with greater precision and certainty. In doing so, you are able to better protect and grow your wealth, and to achieve all you want your money to do for you.

5 Financial is conveniently located next to Rhodes railway station in Sydney’s inner west. You can learn more about our history here.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to organise and improve your financial circumstances, so that you can achieve your goals sooner.

Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The information contained in this website is of a general nature only. We strongly recommend you seek advice specific to your goals and circumstances before taking any action.