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Our Team

Having your finances managed as well as possible helps you achieve your goals, allowing you to live the life you want. And it’s this that motivates us here at 5 Financial.

Our team of talented and capable people are skilled in a wide range of specialist areas, enabling us to manage all your requirements in a co-ordinated, efficient and effective manner.

Meet our financial services team

Matthew FarrellMatthew Farrell
Principal & Founder
5 Financial

Matt is keeper of 5 Financial’s vision: to help clients feel clear and confident about their finances so they can achieve all of their life’s goals – a passion he has held since starting the firm in 1988.

“Over the years I’ve noticed that doing the right things consistently well creates remarkable results,” says Matt. “By focusing on the key areas that influence and drive financial success, our advisers help clients crystallise their goals, and identify the most effective strategy to achieve them. Clients often tell us how energised they feel by gaining this clarity, focus and direction, and of course we love hearing from them as they achieve their goals too.”

Away from the office Matt enjoys spending quality time with his family, swimming and walking Sydney’s ‘Bay Run’. Read Matt’s LinkedIn profile.

Wealth Management

Jason Petersenafa-adviser-of-the-year-finalist-2016
Head of Advice Wealth Management
5 Wealth Management

Jason leads our wealth management advisory team and is a partner in the firm. As our senior adviser, he has been helping make substantial improvements in the financial lives of clients since 2004.

“My favourite part of my role is seeing clients become more confident about their finances and what they can achieve,” says Jason. “I really enjoy helping them create a vision for where they’d like to head financially, and then bringing that to life.”

A 2016 AFA Adviser of the Year Finalist, Jason is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and he holds a B Arts (majoring in Management and Information Systems). He is also a Tax (Financial) Adviser (registration number 25590643) and he holds a Certificate IV (Finance/Mortgage Broking). Jason is also a member of the prestigious ‘Most Trusted Advisers Network‘, an initiative of the Beddoes Institute. He is a regular contributor to Money Magazine®.

Jason loves spending time with his family, especially supporting his daughters’ various sporting interests. On weekends he is a volunteer on patrol with his local surf lifesaving club. He also enjoys golf, cycling and karate. See Jason featured in a variety of Money Magazine® articles.

Gillian Witham
5 Wealth Management

To her role as a financial adviser, Gill brings considerable warmth, empathy and insight. Her qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Finance, and Gill is currently completing a Master of Applied Finance (specialising in Financial Planning). Gill is also an Accredited Aged Care Professional and she provides advice on financial planning in relation to Aged Care services – an area of growing interest to many clients who are assisting older parents in this area.

“When people don’t have a clear grasp of their finances and goals, they miss out, and life is less comfortable as a result,” says Gillian. “My focus is to help clients crystallise their thinking on what they can aspire to, and put the strategies in place to help them achieve it.”

With strong skills in customer service built on 22+ years’ experience running a business with her husband, Gillian can relate to people on many levels. Her capability in numeracy and problem solving was also developed during her Bachelor’s degree in Civil & Structural Engineering.

In her free time, Gillian enjoys spending time with her family, especially sailing on Sydney’s waterways on a recently acquired boat.

Louise Falsone - 5FinancialLouise Falsone
5 Wealth Management

A financial adviser since 2000, Louise has substantial expertise in advising people at all life stages.

Engaging and incisive, Louise is adept at helping clients get to the heart of what it is they’d like to achieve in their life – and drawing on strong analytical skills – building a sound financial strategy that supports them in reaching those goals.

“I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people to better their financial position,” says Louise. “5 Financial’s holistic approach ties together the individual elements you need to protect and grow your wealth.”

Louise holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma in Financial Planning. She is also a Tax (Financial) Adviser (registration number 24840913) and has completed studies in SMSFs.

When not at work, Louise loves spending time with her friends and family, especially going on outings with her children.

Alka Belani
Associate Adviser
5 Wealth Management

With professional experience that includes roles in investing, superannuation, tax, life insurance, mortgages and more, Alka’s credentials in financial services are substantial and wide-ranging.

Organised and enthusiastic, Alka assists Jason with a variety of research projects and tasks, including financial modelling to identify optimum strategies for clients.

“Many of the financial strategies we use are reasonably sophisticated and it’s very interesting to me to see how each fits together to support our clients’ objectives,” says Alka. “I also enjoy the culture at 5 Financial – it’s a very positive place with a nice energy.”

Alka holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, SMSF Certification, a Diploma in Financial Planning, a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce.

Away from work, Alka enjoys spending time with family and friends, and taking her children to their various sporting activities. She also likes badminton, swimming and gardening.

Roslyn McNuttRoslyn McNutt
Client Services Manager
5 Wealth Management

Ros is the first point of contact for many of Jason’s clients, and she is able to field many of their enquiries.

“I especially enjoy building a connection with clients and helping out by answering their questions where I can,” says Ros. “Financial matters can sometimes feel quite complex and I think many clients feel comfortable about checking something with me if they’re unsure.”

Meticulous and well-organised, Ros is also responsible for activating the tasks we need to complete on behalf of our clients, and overseeing that they get done.

Ros has completed a Diploma of Financial Planning. Away from work, Ros enjoys time with her family, as well as going on walks and to the gym.

Shane Barrett
Client Services Manager
5 Wealth Management

As a Client Services Manager, Shane works closely with Jason, arranging and following through elements of each client’s financial strategy, and responding to client inquiries.

With skills in mathematics and having previously studied psychology – Shane sees financial planning at the nexus of both.

“Without a good financial plan, it’s easy to drift along, spending more than you’re earning – and that’s a stressful way to live,” he says. “But a good financial plan helps you get clear about what it is you want to accomplish, and gives you a framework that makes it much more likely you’ll achieve it.”

Shane holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and he is currently studying towards a Masters of Financial Planning.

Shane spent eight years living and working in Canada. His interests include drumming, cycling, trampolining and spending time in the country with his family and dogs.

Daisy_DaiDaisy Dai
Client Services Manager
5 Wealth Management

Daisy joined 5 Financial in 2015 and her strong skills in administration and follow-through led her to be appointed our firm’s Implementation Manager – a role she performed highly capably for almost 2 years. Now a Client Services Manager, Daisy is an enthusiastic member of our administrative team that supports our wealth management advisers.

As a graduate with a Bachelor of Finance from ANU, Daisy has previously worked in real estate and a tax agency.

“I’m interested in financial advisory because it helps people figure out their bigger picture and what they need to do to manage their wealth,” says Daisy. “I find it really fascinating to see how investment and superannuation portfolios are tailored to suit each client.”

In her spare time, Daisy enjoys swimming, and playing basketball and badminton with friends.

Natalia Bohl
Operations Manager
5 Wealth Management

Natalia is quick to master new technologies and to discover lots of user-friendly tips that are eagerly embraced by other team members.

Drawing on 18 months experience as a Client Services Manager, Natalia is reviewing many of our ‘back office’ processes to help build efficiencies, and to improve the experience of our clients and staff members alike.

“Since joining 5 Financial in 2016, I’ve really enjoyed working closely with our advisers and clients,” says Natalia. “I like looking at how we do things and figuring out if there is a simpler and better way.”

Natalia holds a Diploma in Financial Planning. She also has a Diploma in Tourism Administration, and she has completed studies in superannuation and MYOB. Her background includes many years’ experience in superannuation and administrative roles.

In her free time, Natalia enjoys the outdoors, playing tennis and going to the movies.


Pep Drinias
Finance Manager
5 Wealth Management

Highly organised and experienced across multiple facets of the finance industry, Pep is responsible for arranging finance on behalf of our clients.

“It’s really satisfying to help clients achieve their goals with the right finance in place,” says Pep. “And by knowing which lender is most likely to say ‘yes’, we help clients save time, as well as reduce the risk of their application being rejected, and this helps protect their credit record.”

Prior to joining 5 Financial, Pep has worked with a mixture of small and large organisations in the mortgage and compliance space. She is currently studying for a Diploma and Cert IV in Mortgage Broking.

When not at work, Pep enjoys family time, and she hopes one day to have time again to pursue horse-riding – a much-loved pastime.


Baljot Mundi
Registered Tax Agent & Accountant
5 Accounting & Tax

Baljot is a dedicated tax accountant who assists in preparing tax returns and financial documents for our clients.

“I enjoy helping our clients gain the maximum benefits they’re entitled to,” says Baljot. “I also like being part of the 5 Financial team and supporting other members in the important work we do.”

Baljot is a Registered Tax Agent & Accountant. She has a Master of Commerce, a Master of Professional Accounting and Diploma of Financial Planning.

Away from work, Baljot enjoys spending time with her young family and she relaxes by cooking, with chili paneer being a dish she is famous for.

Estate Planning

Mike_Fitzpatrick1Mike Fitzpatrick
Estate Planning Adviser

Mike is Principal of Clarendene Pty Ltd – a law firm specialising in Estate Planning that works closely with 5 Financial and our clients.

“I’m passionate about helping people to plan what will happen to their assets so their wealth is well protected and goes to the people they care about,” says Mike. “Structuring their estate correctly also helps reduce the risk of it being unnecessarily eroded by taxes.”

Mike has practised as a lawyer for 40 years, including 20 years of involvement in financial advisory services.

His interests away from work include collecting famous peoples’ wills and bicycle riding.

Marketing & Administration


Anne Farrell
Office & Marketing Manager
5 Financial

Drawing on many years experience as a senior administrator, and also as a copywriter in her own business, Anne takes care of a variety of front-line and behind-the-scenes tasks for 5 Financial.

“I’m very proud of how my colleagues’ skills  help make profound improvements in the lives of our clients,” says Anne. “I love being able to express that value through the communications, marketing and administration that are all part of my role.”

Married to 5 Financial’s founder, Matthew, Anne has been a part of the business since its earliest days and she has enjoyed seeing how far it has evolved and grown over the years. Her qualifications include a Master of Arts (Professional Communication) and a Bachelor of Health Administration.

Away from work, Anne enjoys spending time with her family and friends, swimming, walking & reading. Read Anne’s LinkedIn profile.

Amy Leslie
Receptionist / Administrator
5 Financial

Friendly and capable, Amy is a welcoming and very professional first point of contact for our business.

“I’m impressed by how positive and upbeat our clients and staff are,” says Amy. “The connection clients have with members of our team is very warm and genuine.”

With previous experience as a receptionist in an R&D taxation company, and also in real estate, Amy’s strong organisational skills and outgoing personality make her an asset to the business.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and she likes to cook, having recently completed a Thai cooking course.