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Why do business with 5 Financial?

When you feel clear and confident that you’re doing all you can to grow, manage and protect your wealth, it’s simpler to live life as you wish and attain the goals that are important to you. Helping you do this is what drives us at 5 Financial.

Our practice is owned and staffed by professionals who are passionate about helping you feel clear and confident about all aspects of your financial situation. And it shows in the positive feedback we receive.

Unlike the majority of financial advisers, we are not owned by a financial institution. This means we are able to consider any product or solution on the market which meets our strict approval criteria and will serve your best interests. And because we offer a full range of services (including financial planning/wealth management, tax, finance, self managed super funds and estate planning), we can co-ordinate each aspect for you, creating an integrated and effective result – with less running around required by you.

ProfessionalPractice_HorizontalOur high professional and ethical standards have also been recognised by the Financial Planning Association who have accredited 5 Wealth Management as an FPA Professional Practice.


What does the ‘5’ in 5 Financial signify?

The ‘5’ stands for the 5 key ways we stand apart in the industry (and that give you what we call our TRIBE advantage):

1.     We’re TRANSPARENT

5 Financial is owned by people who work in the business and we have our own Australian Financial Services Licence. As we have no ownership ties to any financial institutions, we are free to explore a wide range of options on your behalf to find what will serve you best. Plus we are a fee-based practice, so you are clear upfront what our costs will be. Our staff are paid a salary – not commissions – so again, our advice is driven solely by what’s in your best interests.

2.     RELATIONSHIPS matter

We have clients who’ve been with us for several decades, and we have a real sense of partnership in watching them bring their goals to life. We’re in this for the long term and we care a lot about helping you succeed.

3.     We’re an INTEGRATED practice

In offering wealth management, tax and accounting, finance and estate planning services, we can co-ordinate each element for you. This means there’s less running around for you and you don’t need to tell your story over and over. It also helps to create a more efficient and effective outcome for you.

4.     Our BESPOKE approach

Your goals and situation are unique to you and so the strategies we develop for you are carefully customised to match. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ at 5 Financial; we personalise our recommendations to precisely fit what’s right for you.

5.     We’re EXPERTS in our field

Our advisers each have strong credentials in their area of specialty. There have been many times where – through the technical insight and experience of our advisers – new clients have been introduced to ways to save considerably on fees or to reduce their tax bill substantially. In recognition of their capability, 5 Financial advisers have been selected to present on technical concepts in professional development training for others in the industry.

These 5 areas distinguish us in the financial services industry, and they capture the reasons many clients give for choosing us.

Having been in business since 1988, we’ve earned a strong reputation for helping our clients to protect, manage and grow their wealth.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you to do the same.

Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation appointment at our office conveniently located near Rhodes railway station and shopping centre, in Sydney’s inner west.