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Wealth Management

Feeling unclear about where you stand financially, or whether you’re doing all you can to maximise your position? Do you have goals you’d like to achieve but you aren’t certain if they’re possible, or whether you’re on the best path to get there?

If yes, this is what we can help you with.

ProfessionalPractice_Horizontal5 Wealth Management Pty Ltd (trading as 5 Financial) is accredited as an FPA Professional Practice by the Financial Planning Association, in recognition of our high professional and ethical standards.

We are an integrated advisory practice that offers wealth management, tax, finance, self managed super fund and estate planning services.

Find a clearer path

Our wealth management advisers have assisted hundreds of people in growing and protecting their wealth and attaining the goals that are important to them. We are skilled in a wide range of areas, and can assist people whose wealth management requirements range from the simple to the highly complex.

Here’s the process we follow:


How can we help?

Choosing a wealth management adviser/financial planner will be one of the most important decisions you will make. And for the relationship to work best, it’s essential that we each feel we are a good fit for one another.

This is why we offer a complimentary, no-obligation initial consultation that enables you to meet with an adviser who can gain an overview of your requirements and let you know if and how we can help. [Contact us to make an appointment.]

Those who attend an initial consultation generally find they gain tremendous value from the conversation as a result of the quality of the questions we ask and the insights we offer.

And if you’d like to move forward, we provide you with a written proposal of our services and a fee estimate. And if you engage us, we start the process of creating a customised financial strategy for you, which begins with goal setting. Read more about who we work best with.


What do you want to achieve?

Our experience is that many people have a general idea of goals they want to reach such as how long they want to work for, travel plans, home ownership objectives or being able to provide assistance to children or other family members (to name just a few examples).

Frequently however, many have mentally dismissed other dreams or ideas as not being realistic or feasible. We like to drill deep here, because it’s surprisingly common that we are able to find ways for them to achieve much more than they originally thought.

We have plenty of examples of clients, who – with the changes they make by working with us – discover they are able to bring to life a goal that they didn’t realise was possible. These include clients who have been able to retire much sooner than they’d expected, through to people who have been able to pay off their mortgage years earlier, or move permanently to a location where they’d always wanted to live, or take their family on a dream holiday they’d previously thought was beyond them.

You’ll be inspired by this ‘goals conversation’ that gives you the advantage of being able to toss around ideas in the company of a skilled adviser, who will be in a position to gauge what’s doable, and provide you with a path to make these goals happen.

Figuring out what’s really important to you – and knowing you’ll having a concrete plan to achieve it – is highly energising and motivating. You’ll be keen to see the next step, which is when we get to work developing your customised strategy.


What’s the most effective way for you to reach your goals?

The strategy we develop for you is designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

It factors in your current circumstances, your goals timeframe and how comfortable you are with different levels of risk. (In general terms, investments offering higher potential returns often have higher volatility, and vice versa. Our approach is to build diversification into your portfolio to spread risk and enable you to reap returns from different asset classes.)

We also use a low-cost approach to investing to help maximise your net return – and this can have a significant impact on your capacity to build wealth, especially over the longer term.

Structuring your assets in a way that minimises tax is another important aspect of the strategy we develop for you.

Apart from investments, your strategy will also cover areas such as cash flow management, debt management, personal insurance and retirement planning. (And because 5 Financial is an integrated and complete financial services practice, we also offer tax and accounting services, estate planning, finance and self managed super fund services.)

You may be interested to know that 5 Financial is owned exclusively by people who work in our business and we do not have ownership ties with any financial institution. This gives us the freedom to explore a wide range of options on behalf of our clients and recommend products not necessarily available to advisers whose firms are owned or licenced by banks or fund managers. Our financial advisers are paid a salary (not commission) so our advice to you is motivated purely by what will best serve your interests.

The strategy we develop for you is designed to support you in reaching each of the life goals identified as being important to you.

We present your written strategy to you and explain each element clearly so you are completely comfortable with what’s being recommended for you.

If you are happy to proceed with your strategy, we then move to the next step: implementation.


We put the pieces in place

Our implementation team carefully arranges each aspect of your strategy in the correct sequence, and confirms with you when it’s done.

This process can cover aspects such as setting up super funds (including self managed super funds), organising rollovers, arranging personal insurances, establishing investment accounts and broker accounts (to enable direct shares to be bought and sold) and more.

Once everything’s in place, you can meet with your financial adviser to run through everything if you choose, or of course you can phone in or email any questions you may have. Throughout the year ahead, feel free to contact your adviser to run ideas past them, and to get their feedback when making major decisions that will affect your finances. In doing so, you can ensure your decision is in sync with your broader strategy and you can complete any transactions in a manner that maximises your financial position. Clients often comment on the peace of mind they gain by being able to check in with their adviser as often as they wish.


We check if changes need to be made

Helping you reach your goals requires that you meet up with your financial adviser annually for a Review Meeting. This allows us to re-calibrate your financial plan to factor in changes in your circumstances, goals or the performance of the various elements of your strategy.

We also rebalance your portfolio periodically to make sure it continues to align with your risk profile, and supports you in working towards your goals.

A tool we use in the Review Meeting is a personalised ‘mind map’. This is a one-page snapshot that captures all your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurances and more.

We find that as clients ‘tick off’ various goals, there are new goals they now want to plan for, and we have another ‘goals conversation’ at this point. Your strategy may be adjusted to accommodate these changes.

Your review meeting provides a valuable opportunity to check in with your financial adviser, and make the most of their insights and expertise.

We’re available on an ongoing basis to help you continue to create improvements in your financial circumstances over the short and long term. And we’re just as pleased as you are to see the successes you achieve!

We’d be very happy to chat with you about your situation and what you’d like to accomplish.

Please give us a call on 02 9739 6555 to find out more, or to book a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, please complete our contact form and let us know what you’d like assistance with.


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